Two Wheelin: Triumph Tiger 800XC

MotorWeek's Brian Robinson assesses the Accomplishment Tiger 800XC.

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6 Responses to “Two Wheelin: Triumph Tiger 800XC”

  1. sweeeptheleg Reply


  2. shafta99 Reply

    i like the seating position. i don’t like being huntched over or stretched out. seams a tad expensive though.

  3. 141Jamison Reply

    This Bike Rocks!!!

  4. Rick James Reply

    Why was there no off road bit in this review…? It still is counted as a dual-sport. Hell Icon made a 30 minute video with two riders riding the “Portland to Dakar” trek. This bike was brilliant off road! In my opinion you guys should have at least added an off road bit.

  5. Stephen Evans Reply

    I’ve ridden this bike in Cambodia, Highway 6 provides a full range of road conditions from “forget the paved road and ride along the laterite dirt verge” to not bad asphalt surface. The Tiger loved it all it was a great ride, it’s comfortable to ride standing up on the pegs through dirt and bumps nice bike. I normally ride a sports bike, so the enduro gear ratios were my only complaint.

  6. Rob Walsh Reply

    Shouldn’t let writers talk on video!

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