Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 | First Rides |

Last week elderly road tester Michael Neeves traveled to the mountains outside Barcelona to try out Accomplishment's updated Tiger Sporting activity. Look into the full review on the Bike Channel on Thursday 21st Feb at 9pm on Motors TV

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20 Responses to “Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 | First Rides |”

  1. Reapers261 Reply

    I like it!

  2. RESET1776 Reply

    Strange, it seems that every single bike MCN touches is the most amazing motorcycle ever made.

  3. steady2wheels Reply

    how tall is michael neeves? I always wanted the tiger but it was too tall and too far a reach o the bars on the old one. Also give us a tiger 675 triumph

  4. TheMissendenFlyer Reply

    Looks great to me – I love my “old” Tiger 1050 and this is an improvement on that. For the rider who wants to go touring but doesn’t fancy a super weighty grandad machine (Trophy?) then this ticks all the boxes for me….looking forward to getting one ;0)

  5. NomadBiker Reply

    Great bikes, I had a 2010 SE model, the engine is one of THE best road engines around bar none, with the new styling and suspension tweaks this will now be the bike it should have been..

  6. mattheginger Reply

    Oh bloody hell…. Will MCN ever say a bad word about a Triumph>?>?

  7. steady2wheels Reply

    they just said the smt was better and that it wasn’t the best in group?…

  8. steady2wheels Reply

    what you need is a fairy not a motorcycle

  9. MrWaldbeere Reply

    2:34 ninja on the right!

  10. Crazylalalalala Reply

    lol I hate those too.

    those mormons are really making an effort to convince everyone they are not nutz. generally, if someone is trying to convince you there not nutz it means they are. right?

  11. neevesybikes Reply

    Thanks for your comment matey – and nice bike, by the way. We’re comparing very specific like-for likes and the Honda has one foot in the adventure camp, thanks to its dual purpose tyres. For bikes like the Tiger, with dedicated road tyres, the SMT and Versys 1000 are its closest rivals. Neevesy. MCN.

  12. Christopher King Reply

    One day. My people here don’t know if they are bringing it Stateside though. I have never forgotten the Tiger, as it remains overall my fave Triumph. But meanwhile after the dreaded crankshaft shatter on my Sprint RS I will be trying to get it to 100K without pulling it apart again, it is at 13K now stay tuned. Video here:

    Triumph Sprint 955i Crankshaft R&R: Ol Yaller Comes Home.

    Cheers Neevesy I love your show.

  13. neevesybikes Reply

    @Christopher King cheers, matey. Good luck with your bike! Neevesy

  14. Lone Ranger Reply

    To bad they are not going to bring it to the U.S.

  15. BetamaxBooty Reply

    i’d like to see luke do some mcn reviews. he’s great.

  16. Schnitzel Royal Reply

    I like the new triumph tiger sport, looks verry good. I do not understand, why the driver goes so stiff, so formal, its a tiger- not a harley ! I miss the sloping positins in each curve- the FUN!!!

  17. Iam SJSR Reply

    0:02 Gemini ganesan…. LOL

  18. ombra306 Reply

    Caponord is the way!

  19. Boz Reply

    Really nice bike and vastly underated.

  20. Rico Reply

    Well the new Versys doesn’t look so ugly anymore, but I do like the look of this bike.

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