Triumph Tiger Explorer meets Kevin Carmichael. Full Version

Shot in location in Scotland, feat biker Kevin Carmichael places the Victory Tiger Traveler 1200 with its paces.

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23 Responses to “Triumph Tiger Explorer meets Kevin Carmichael. Full Version”

  1. Garry G Reply

    wish I had the cash for an explorer :(

  2. Rato Morto Reply


  3. moppedcrak Reply

    super video

  4. Lancashire Valeting Lancashire valeting Reply

    Just like my average test ride to be fair

  5. M. Medel Reply

    “original wheels” …. the best thing …. pilot or machine?
    a greeting

  6. Vykier Reply

    Top Top video. Kevin’s command over synergy and balance is like a dance and the Tiger backs him up solid. Inspired watching this. 

  7. Grumpy Vloggit Reply

    who’s the 6 Micra owners that disliked it then ….

  8. Petunia Wigglebottom Reply

    Test drive?

  9. Katana2469 Reply

    Love this…Kevin doing what he does best :-).
    Think I recognise 2 places in the video…MCS/Triumph motorcycles in Renfrew and is the racetrack Knockhill?

    • Ian Stevenson Reply

      The track is definitely Knockhill.

    • Katana2469 Reply

      +Ian Stevenson know the shop and track. Eventually worked out the sign says Carrick Forest Drive…just need to work out the beach, I recognise it but can’t remember where it is…think it’s on the Ayrshire coast somewhere though I could be wrong.

  10. Hankola Reply

    That’s my T-Bird at 0:20 seconds! 

  11. Moonfleet41 Reply

    Correct Usage..! Way to go Kev!

  12. Dean Child Reply

    Wow great video and what a way to show of this bike.

  13. Lechtaler Bikerhotel Schönauer Hof Reply

    Jetzt wo ich weiß was mein Moped kann, muss ich wohl anfangen zu üben :-)

  14. Kory White Reply

    Amazing control of a very power Triumph!

  15. Big T Reply

    I pity the poor sod who bought this ‘ex-demo’

    • baldrick650 Reply

      1 careful lady owner, never seen rain

  16. Gabriel P Reply

    Now why did that make me smile like an idiot?

  17. Apathy Reply

    15 people bite the dust of Kevin,following behind with their GS1200.

  18. VERSYS MAN Reply


  19. Tim Holt Reply

    For Sale. One careful owner. :-)

  20. Terry Cox Reply

    just goes to show the only limitation is yourself, not the bike!

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