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Journey bikes are all about overcoming terrains instead comfortably. Indian roadways being just what they are, these motorcycles make a strong instance right here, which is among the factors we've been looking forward to obtaining astride the Tiger 800XC, British bike manufacturer Triumph's smaller sized ability adventure motorbike. Right here's our video evaluation

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28 Responses to “Triumph Tiger 800XC | Comprehensive Review | Autocar India”

  1. Kanish k Reply

    Awesome review Kartikeya Singhee…expecting  daytona 675 review!

  2. bannajirocks Reply

    why so thin tyres.. stability issues?

    • Rick Brannigan Reply

      +bannajirocks better suited for offroad use

  3. Chandrashekhar D Reply

    Kartik MAAN!!!!!!! U R right its more accessible than multistrada for sure !!!!!!!!

  4. Sale_Shark Reply

    Nice Review !!!
    But when are you guys gonna film in HD and actually fill the screen, India is famous for all those Computer Degrees, isn’t it ?? !!

  5. chetan mahajan Reply

    Fab review!!! Please review the Bonneville T100

  6. flyingwire Reply

    Thanks for an unbiased review. This is one of the few motorcycles in our market that I find really desirable, good to know about its flaws as well. 12 lakh is rather steep for something which isn’t a complete package. I guess I will have to wait for KTM’s adventure motorcycle based on 370 engine or if Hero MotoCorp decides to plonk a more powerful engine in Impulse.

  7. Rick Brannigan Reply

    Fantastic review man, the most comprehensive I’ve seen so far. Nice to see Triumph are doing well in India, keep buying British :)

  8. Rob W Reply

    Come on, you can take it properly off-road, these bikes have been ridden around the world many times!

  9. Dave Horrocks Reply

    So which bike would you say would be better suited for rough roads?

  10. Sushrut Ahale Reply

    Useless bike for India!

    • Dhaval D Reply

      +Sushrut Ahale (Rizonius05) may be useful for highways.

    • Manish singh Reply

      Its best bike for indian roads

  11. prajwal sedhai Reply

    I love your bike reviews. there is one request from my side. if u could please review the the aprilia etx 150, I’m planning to buy an adventure motorcycle and I don’t want to waste my money. please if u could do so it would be very helpful for me

  12. Dhaval D Reply

    800cc on motorcycle at 10k rpm? it can escape earth gravity.

    • Manish Bag Reply

      get your calculation correct!!

  13. dhruvesh ajmeri Reply

    Give a review about triumph Bonneville

  14. shiv Reply

    what a good review ,very comprehensive. kudos team

  15. Gautham Balakrishna Reply

    karthike is the best jurno in
    Autocar and beyond..

  16. Anandhu Ramesh Reply

    not wrthy for 12lk

  17. Ganesh Krishnamoorthy Reply

    Karthikeya, why should one waste 12 L on this when Avenger 220 Cruise is available for 1 L?

    • Ranjeev Joseph Reply

      Ganesh Krishnamoorthy LMAO

    • jack meHoff Reply

      Ganesh Krishnamoorthy lol this bike has tones of features which avenger simply does not have. you can adjust almost evey part of this bike as per your need . height, built quality , engine power , lights etc. this machine is beast for touring purpose. avenger will get heated within continues driving of 300-500 km but this bike can reach 1500-2000 km without stopped.

    • Ayush louis Reply

      Yogitek he was trolling dude

    • Angshuman Sharma Reply

      Ganesh Krishnamoorthy you buy a bicycle,that will be good for you.This is an 800 cc bike not 220 avenger,

  18. Mayurapriyan S Reply

    seriously? 480p?

  19. The_White_Lotus Reply

    Ugliest bike so far in Triumph’s arsenal.

  20. DJ PP Reply


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