The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133

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A quick clarification … It took me 8 months to discover ways to do this, yet I was only getting the bike as well as going to the end of the driveway and back daily. I wasn't "PROACTIVELY" attempting to discover. Suggesting … I wasn't battling and trying to make my brain find out. I merely hopped on the bike each day, attempted to operate it throughout of the driveway, reversed as well as aimed to run it back. The goal was to understand exactly how my brain figured points out on its own, without aiming to force it to. Many people have developed bikes like this as well as figured it out in much less than 1 day by staying on the bike till they were able to master it. I had no timelines, and also was utilizing this as an exploratory activity to find out exactly how I discover.

Do not misunderstand this to mean that I struggled as well as attempted really difficult every day for 8 months. That's simply not real.
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80 Responses to “The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133”

  1. Anders Hansen Reply

    The “click” that happens in the brain is just the brain solving a puzzle isn’t it? It’s basically what attracts people to the puzzle game genre, that feeling when one moment you are confused and then suddenly it all makes sense like a clear map in your head. Once you get it it seems like the most obvious thing in the world but before that it doesn’t make sense.

    Basically while the brain is learning it’s trying out different things on a subconscious level which is why it can feel like you aren’t making any progress until the moment the brain hits the right combination that solves the problem.

    • mariam chaibi Reply

      great analysis :) yeah right this is why he says “it just clicked in my brain” but it actually took time but the progress is unoticed, it seems like it just happened suddenly.

    • Anders Hansen Reply

      The human brain is an amazing thing for sure. It’s so complex that it hides what it’s doing from itself to keep itself sane.

    • Faustin Gashakamba Reply

      I have been trying to learn to juggle five balls for five years now and that click hasn’t happened yet. Is my brain numb?
      I can ride all sorts of two wheelers, can do somersault,…. so my brain is basically well wired for this thing. Why isn’t it happening?

    • Anders Hansen Reply

      It might be a hand-eye coordination problem and as far as I know there isn’t much you can do about that. It’s not so a problem with the brain and more a problem with the eyes keeping track of what your hands are doing. In a sense it’s a problem where the brain is “too confident” in what the limbs are doing that visual feedback from the eyes aren’t tuned to keep track of it. Most of what your eyes see is filtered out by the brain because it judges it to be irrelevant. At least that’s my understanding of it. The eyes may see the balls in relation to your hands but if the brain ignores it then you drop the ball.

    • Faustin Gashakamba Reply

      Huum.. too much brainy then. I like it!

  2. LayZface777 Reply

    i feel like it isnt a mind thing its a physica thing. because alot of what riding a bike is is balance by pushing down on the handle bars

    • Baba Semka Reply

      Thing is, this is a bycicle, not a bike. Still, if you are not talking about motorbike, then the topic here is the backwards bycicle. Most of us know how to ride bycicle and what it takes to ride it w/o hands. With the reversed one, you can barely make 1 meter, not to menton gaining enough speed to start riding it without using your hands. So I am confused about what you mean.

    • Barnesrino Kripperino Reply

      where im from bike is a synonim for bycicle

      my point lies after a certain speed is reached, for a normal bycicle, the system is stable and leaning in one side will cause you to turn, counteracting your lean.

      on the reversed one, when you lean on one side, you turn in the opposite direction, which accelerates your fall instead of creating an opposing force.

      effectively the reversed bicicle is unstable, requiring constan adjusments at any speeds, while the normal one is stable, you return to the equilibrium point when you lean.

    • Baba Semka Reply

      Hahahahhaa tf are you talking about, dude? Did you even get the meaning of the video?

    • bigMagnum Reply

      Baba Semka +Barnesrino Kripperino is right. When you turn tge handle on a normal bike you automatically lean towards the inner side of the curve, when you turn the handle on the opposite bike you automatically lean towars the outer side wich makes you more unstable. The problem is that the handle does not stay ortogonal to the wheel but the angle becomes smaller and smaller until wheel and handle are parallel.

    • Baba Semka Reply

      I know all of this, I am saying that it has nothing to do with the video and the idea of it.

  3. Smitje Reply

    It also seems like the backwards bike has a way more sensitive steering wheel?

    • Tyler Nelson Reply

      Not necessarily. Ever tried to brake with your left foot instead of your right when driving? When braking with your left foot it feels waaaay more sensitive and that’s because you’re doing something new that you’ve done the exact opposite of ever since you started driving. Same concept with the bike.

    • Spring Bloom Reply

      +eliza how

      Yes, its a matter of training. Training isnt education, or ‘understanding’, its programming of your reflexes. If youve been riding a bike for 30 years, you can literally do it without thinking, because youve comprehensively trained your reflexes, just like when you learned to walk. Give this bike to some kids for two days and see what happens.

    • Matthew Major Weenus Reply

      Smitje it’s interesting because when you go to catch urself before you fall, instinctually ur hand closest comes closer to catch ur fall
      For example: if ur about to fall over to the left, your left hand will come closer to your body and then push out, thus turning the wheel to the left. But this bike turns the wheel the other way so yeah… Hope that makes sense

    • Austin Storr Reply

      Smitje I literally came to the comments to say the same thing

  4. Mr Cow Reply

    how about riding with no hands

    • David Newcomb Reply

      I suspect you are correct in that assumption. Don’t touch the handlebars however.

    • Pat Mack Reply

      I got my bike out after it’s been sitting a few months. Sat down and start going without touching the bars past a stand still… It’s easy

    • Yolostabber99 Reply

      Mr Cow it’s possible, idk how but my neighbor can do it like without hesitating

    • Yougo Reply

      Yolostabber99 I can cycle with no hands? It’s not that hard tbh

    • Yolostabber99 Reply

      Yougo I tried and struggled with it, but I’m sure I could do it

  5. Bart Snel Reply

    This bike is a good way to make sure no one steals it because they can’t ride it.

    • Graziano Ullucci Reply

      A really good idea!!!

    • Ludovina Velosa Reply

      monkeyfingers ..

    • I reckon I can build that Reply

      Bart Snel I’m pretty sure I could carry that bike!!

    • Jason Villiotis Reply

      good for TwinzTV

  6. Al Fritz Reply

    What if the pedals worked backwards too?

    • Kriss Nulgath Reply

      That wouldn’t be that much of a difference

    • Morgenstern Reply

      Stop there, Satan.

    • C'est Antoine Reply

      Al Fritz not enough force I think

    • Ahsen Mirza Reply

      Al Fritz that’s easy

      I’ve done it

  7. Hasan Al-habbobi Reply

    I don’t think it’s just because of our brain but also mainly the fact that whatever direction you turn the handle you lean into that side but are are turning the wheel the other way…. so at that time you are not balanced at all

    • Hasan Al-habbobi Reply

      +TheSpeedymouse​​ not necessarily -depends, I am refering to how you lean in the direction you turn because when you turn the bike tilts a little bit in that direction making you lean in that direction as well. So it’s enivitable. And at that time when you turn the wheel the other way for the nth time it won’t be enough to balance you. It’s hard to explain in just words but it’s kind of like fish tailing with cars. There’s more than one factor of course like how abrubtly and sharply you turn the wheel

    • TheSpeedymouse Reply

      With a normal bike you are leaning into the direction the bike is turning, causing the bike to be a little off balance. When you turn with the backwards bike you are leaning away from the turn if you lean with the handles, causing the bike to stay maybe more vertical. It’s hard to say what will happen as we both don’t own a backwards bike.

    • Hasan Al-habbobi Reply

      +TheSpeedymouse​ oh wait a minute ya you’re right lol, I forgot what this video meant by backwards bike thing and interpreted it differently cuz it was such a long time, I watched the video to refresh my memory, yes when you turn in one direction on the backwards bike you lean in the opposite direction throwing you off balance. I think the fact we aren’t used to it also has a part to play and that with the right pracitse it’s still possible to ride

    • TheSpeedymouse Reply

      The backwards bike is less intuitive because you are turning the way opposite you move the handles but it actually probably work better if people were used to it as in order to stay balance you just lean with the handles, like I said before. It’s interesting, to say the least!

    • Hasan Al-habbobi Reply

      +TheSpeedymouse​ for sure, I just have a feeling that when you steer in one direction you at applying a force in that direction which gets you off balance for a split second before the bike wheel turning the other way pulls you in he opposite direction. Again it’s stuff to explain, it’s like a quick gentle tug by the act of moving the steering wheel and then a heavy tug in the opposite direction by the act of the bike wheel tilting the bike and tus the entire body

      You’re right it’s very interesting to think about

  8. Alex Shi Reply

    ride the bicycle with no hands. Extremely easy

    • I reckon I can build that Reply

      Alex Shi good point! lol! I actually think that would work, just gotta get up to enough speed to ride without using your hands, unless you can start off like it (I can’t! )

    • Nami Kuroi Reply

      Getting the bike into motion would be the biggest problem

    • Mai Le Reply

      Pistol Switches lol why would the wheel turn the opposite way?

      its the handle gives you the illusion of the wheel direction but the wheel is always free from the frame, it will turn whatever the physics allows to be balance by gyro

    • Pistol Switches Reply

      Mai Le hm.

  9. Kuunib Reply

    As a Dutchman I was born with the skill to ride a bike. But I wouldn’t be able to handle that thing.

    • Mikhail Ovechkin Reply

      +papa jhon they have more bikes than people

    • Stumpers Reply

      ik ook niet

    • Son of Everything DC & Marvel Reply

      papa jhon because it’s one of the most used transportation vehicles here. Riding a bike is like walking to the Dutch

    • Pirat Carribean Reply

      Kuunib Me neither

    • papa jhon Reply

      Son of Everything DC & Marvel oh that makes sense.

  10. Defx10 Reply

    I don’t think I would even want to try riding that bike. I also ride motorcycles, and if my brain unlearned how to do that, it could get me killed.

    • Shigix Reply

      You don’t ride a bike with the handle bar… at least not past 30 km/h

    • AllNamesRntAvailable Reply

      do you still ride? I have a fun experiment for you, go 40mph or 80 kph and then push your handle bar on one side. The bike will turn the opposite way.

    • Colin Lang Reply

      If you ride a motorcycle it would be easier because of counter steering. You’re basically doing that whenever you’re going more than 25mph.

  11. Austin Lightner Reply

    The ultimate anti theft device

    • Aqua Fyre Reply

      Dutch Canals are filled with such anti theft devices. :)

    • Martin Jäger Reply

      Nice stolen comment

    • Zach Reply

      just pick it up and walk away

    • JayJay Reply

      Martin Jäger Does the other comment have a patent on it?

  12. AtHx Psych Reply

    you should try and get a professional push bike rider/racer to ride it lol

    • TheLegend27 Reply

      They did that on Brain Games.

  13. Elephantricity Reply

    I can do it, because I can play video games on both a reverse controllers and non-reverse controller.

    • A Bird Lover Reply

      Elephantricity Same

    • Godpotaoe0. exe Reply

      I’m sure I can do it I used to ride backwards and control the bike unless the terrain was too complex

    • hendrikhanso Reply

      Godpotaoe0. exe not the same thing

    • Godpotaoe0. exe Reply

      hendrikhanso bet

  14. Enkii Muto Reply

    Honest question. I get how hard it might be to turn but why are people having so much problem at keeping it straight?

    • darian tomey Reply

      my theory is that for example if you are trying to move right a little to balance the bike you turn the handle bars right by instinct and then you end up going left so you subconsciously freak out because you need to regain balance and your brain is piratically saying “im going left so i must go right to balance” and you turn the handle bars right again making you go left and you fall. because its subconsciously you don’t have much control over it so yeah

    • Tanmay Sachan Reply

      darian tomey exactly what I was going to say

    • Quentin Lightner Reply

      Most of how a bike works to keep you balanced is as it starts to fall, the wheel will automatically turn in that direction to keep it balanced. You have to counteract this turn by holding the handlebars and pulling in the opposite direction, which doesn’t have the intended result with this bike and is a much more instinctual reaction.

    • Austin Sun Reply

      Enkii Muto Trust me I’ve tried it, it’s impossible, your brain just don’t understand what’s happening.

  15. I am sorry but Reply

    A dyslexic person could drive that with ease

    • Jay Rallystone Reply

      I am sorry but no

  16. LukeOfTroy Reply

    why would anyone think they could ride this bike? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was physically impossible.

    • LukeOfTroy Reply

      well clearly it’s not impossible, but still.

  17. Ben Spears Reply

    I would love to see this bike in a theif bait prank video!!!

    • Kai Shadowninja Reply

      Ben Spears LMFAO

  18. mian fazle razik Reply

    Hey hey hey derik muler should also get a chance to ride that bike

  19. Tronci Reply

    what if you just keep the handlebars straight

  20. Sigurd Vickery Reply

    Lol, I’m from Copenhagen…

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