Best Bike Road Rage/Angry People 2017 ! (NEW)

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I cencored the last individual's face since I don't want to damage him.

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50 Responses to “Best Bike Road Rage/Angry People 2017 ! (NEW)”

  1. An Felix Reply

    How often do you deal with these kind of people?

    • Fail Factory Reply

      Ok , I will make it clear .
      Its not me in any of our videos .
      Im uploading compilations of other people .

    • An Felix Reply

      Oh -.-

  2. Wesley Barfield Reply

    that Asian guy is quite the character LOL

    • Ae86 Hachi Reply

      Zombie Juice There’s a continuation of that vid. The rider a actually finds out where he works and etc… at a nail salon. lol. He’s a fucking idiot… why would you claim his as a spirit animal? makes no sense.


      +Ae86 Hachi

      It’s a joke.

      Look at me! Look at my profile pic. Do I look like a serious person?

    • RaptorPlayz [ENTITY] Reply

      Zombie Juice

    • Ae86 Hachi Reply

      Elhaz Sowilo The channel for the vid is ToLoveToLie. you’ll find it there

    • jztflokzz Reply

      +Ae86 Hachi cant find idt. you got a link?

  3. Anderson Sonnen Reply

    Should have KO’d the Asian guy and left him in the car.

    right when he popped out the sun roof BAM

    • Jazz Does Reply

      Solo InTeam me to Lol

    • Matteo Gatti Reply

      this dude followed another one just for a pass in the same lane, so then he starts to zigzag around cars like that’s a safe move. people is crazy these days. just go over it you idiot….

    • BOSSNESS 6678 Reply

      Anderson Sonnen yep I would have

    • BOSSNESS 6678 Reply

      SouPNaZi lol yep also my moms

    • Robert Brolo Reply

      BOSSNESS 6678 bro what’s up Lol.

  4. sam burger Reply

    why would the dude in the first video keep going and leave his mate there?? what a fag

    • a man of many parts Reply

      They both knew they were trespassing and didn’t want the police involved. Most (?all?) dirt bike riders think they have the right ride anywhere.

    • yung daggerdik Reply

      sam burger xD

    • Neiphy Reply

      sam burger Safety I Guess

    • A Small Loan Of A Million Dollars Reply

      Oh you haven’t heard about the cucking of germany?

  5. YouJust Sucks Reply

    That asian thinks that is his in tokyo drift mate.

    • Angry Cat Reply

      pretty soon he’s gonna crash and burn alive if u get what I’m saying.

    • DedSec Reply

      Lmao even the colors (almost) match with that Rx7

    • colin themarines Reply

      YouJust Sucks guys a chink what do you expect

  6. Peter Killeen Reply

    Asian guy got his hair to match his car lol

    • 五毛狗是粪坑里的蛆 Reply

      if he is chinese ,he should a son of a Chinese official.They are low in culture and quality,and have too much money steal people’s

    • 1ninjatiger Reply

      baytothemax Gaming He speaks with a Vietnamese accent and speech inflection. He also has Vietnamese features not Chinese. Why do you think he is Chinese?

    • Cade Little Reply

      1ninjatiger cuz they all look the same

    • Robert Brolo Reply

      Peter Killeen oh yeah he did

  7. Peter Tantillo Reply

    Pull me off my bike like that I’ll break your jaw.

    • TexZenMaster Reply

      If you engage me wearing a helmet, I’ll just shoot ya. That’s a deadly weapon.

    • Robert Brolo Reply

      Peter Tantillo Dude I say go for it that’s my comment to you.

    • RushyG Reply

      Ride on my private property and a “hunting accident” might be in order, you fucking troglodyte.

    • Robert Brolo Reply

      Peter Tantillo I say go for it let me know what happens 5015632829

    • Robert Brolo Reply

      RushyG Dude get a life.

  8. Sophia 12303 Reply

    “Even animals have a right to quietness”

    But they’re hunting them.
    very intelligent.

    • Nikolai Burgardt Reply

      Sophia 12303 it is actually, imagine you were hunting a deer, dead silent, stalking it, waiting for the perfect moment, then WRRRRRRRIOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWN a motorcycle or car or whatever zooms bye and the deer runs off, that’s hours of hard work down the drain. and small roads like that in forests in Germany, tend to be mostly private, only bikes and walkers can go on them and the only cars permitted are ones who live on the road, which isn’t usual, the bikers should have known that bc there is always tons of signage at the start of a road like this.

    • Nikolai Burgardt Reply

      Seek The Truth and Buy my Tactical Anti Spy Hats well…in Germany and every temperate country, the overpopulation of deer is a huge problem, they trample and eat wheat on farms, they run across roads and get hit by cars daily, and when they’re really overpopulated they go into towns and you see videos like “BABY DEER STUCK IN RESTAURANT” so actually…and this may sound really stupid…but by killing deer now we are ensuring that the next generations have enough food to eat and aren’t competing so much with their deer brethren, they aren’t raiding farmers wheat supply, and less deer and people are being injured and killed in road insidents.

    • Sophia 12303 Reply

      Nikolai Burgardt Yeah I understand and respect that! I live in germany for myself and saw deers for a few times on the road so far. It’s a shame such beautiful creatures get run over by cars so often

  9. CJB b Reply

    I don’t understand bikers, they roll around like they own the roads, going any speeds they feel like going, and the minute a car cuts them off they turn into babies…..all of them…..I guess owning a bike gives you a license to cry

    • Jake Reply

      CJB b if a car cuts in front of a car the worst that can happen is a damaged fairing or maybe whiplash. If a car cuts in front of a bike the best that can happen is damaged fairing, you’ll likely come away with some bone broken.

    • Whenyouhurtyourmom Reply

      cause it is way more dangerous because if they cut you off and you land wrong, you can get seriously injured

  10. ItsWirax Reply

    Omg the dude in the orangr car was so fcking hilarous

    • Forever Computing Reply

      ItsWirax the biker was under and overtaking traffic. In my country – that is a driving offense

  11. Smoke Screen Reply

    Fucking german…..Driving ban here…. YOU DROVE YOUR FUCKING TRUCK HERE…..

  12. PG Tips Reply

    Two grown men stopping their vehicles to have a fight in the middle of the road, how much more Scottish can you get?

  13. Lukestersim :3 Reply

    asian prick

  14. Golden Throne Reply

    Should’ve curb stomped that little chink.

  15. christian carreon Reply

    What a wank

  16. BOSSNESS 6678 Reply

    You can tell bye the orange and black car orange hair poping head out of sun roof who’s a fag and who’s not right

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