My dream came true: Do it yourself

Bicycle and technology to show people how a two-wheeler works, I’ve already dreamed of it as a small boy. And this dream has indeed come true. I am very grateful to all my friends, helpers, my two sons and my wife. All these wonderful people have helped me realize my dream.

I am Christian Lunds, a mechanic and a bicycle freak, as one can call it. I grew up near Stockholm, Sweden, where I had already screwed on to bikes as a small boy. Bikes have always fascinated me. They are not just driving devices for me, they are art objects. I spent my holidays with internships in bicycle shops and later worked in bicycle shops and collected my experiences and my knowledge. But only then have I the courage to make myself independent. And it was the best decision I could make.
In my www.bike-repair.club, we do not sell a bike in the typical sense, but I just give you my knowledge. Train the trainer for bicycle. We will show you how to deal with the bikes without long training. We train you, so you have more fun and knowledge. Help yourself.

My pride is my knowledge. I spend most of my time in the workshops and this is the past. The future is to learn anywhere in the world to fix and do it yourself the maintenance. My passions are bikes. When I’m not in my workshop, I find myself in nature with my sons and friends – of course on one of my bikes.
Enjoy the video, become a family member of us.

All the best,
Email: support@bike-repair.club

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