2017 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1

Testimonial of the new 2017 giant TCR advanced pro 1
Roadway bike evaluation


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  1. AC's Bike reviews Reply

    Thank. You.
    It’s high Viz Green but yes it looks almost yellow

    • Joey Diaz Reply

      AC’s Bike reviews what is the msrp?

    • Joey Diaz Reply

      AC’s Bike reviews that bike is clean,nice,bet it is super fast

  2. AC's Bike reviews Reply

    Ryan I am 5’10 and 30″ inseam too
    I too have medium frame. The shop I deal with took all the measurements from my tarmac and matched them too the TCR and it fits perfectly.

    • Ryan Sharp Reply

      Awesome, great to know.. Cheers!

  3. AC's Bike reviews Reply

    Smear the frame is a medium

  4. durianrider Reply

    nice color!

    • bellavista7 Reply

      with xt pedals, continental S4, and that 32 in the back, who would’ve guessed?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      +bellavista7 sorry… Only a 28 in the back and as for the tires, I have them on my Tarmac and on my wife’s ruby long before I bought the TCR because they are great tires.

    • bellavista7 Reply

      +Anthony Chartoff cool. I ride them aswell. 6flats so far. must’ve been a bad bunch.

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      +bellavista7 knock on wood… No flats yet

    • P. Reply

      This is the first GIANT that I actually like the color scheme.

  5. lawor8 Reply

    what do you like about those pedals?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      I had the same dilemma. It was the propel or the TCR.
      I borrowed the propel for two weeks and ended up with the TCR and have zero regrets. The TCR climbs like a goat and is awesome. I do travel with the bike and some of the places I go have awesome climbs.
      I am and will never be a pro … I cycle for fun and passion but it has helped me lose 170lbs
      Hope this helps

    • lawor8 Reply

      Thanks. I guess I will have to try both… WOW 170lbs…. that whole another person!!! Congrats on the wt loss

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      +lawor8 thank you and good luck with whatever you choose

    • Aaron Siah Reply

      Are MTB clipless pedals easier to clip in and out?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      Aaron Siah it is nice two side pedal and it is quicker to clip in. On that note I started as a mountain biker and it just used to those kind of petals

  6. wyatt nicholson Reply

    Great bike man! Have fun!

  7. Athan Meepo Reply

    How much is this?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      $3200 U.S

    • Adam Hammel Reply

      +AC’s Bike reviews lbs or online?

    • Jacob Rushforth Reply

      Adam Hammel LBS of course, shop local!

  8. Zhen Wang Reply

    where did you buy that ride sensor?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      It came with the bike. A lot of Giant bikes have it built in.

    • Zhen Wang Reply

      +Anthony Chartoff I bought a propel advanced 2, but without that sendor. I want one built-in. It looks nice.

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      +Zhen Wang it works well. I don’t necessarily like the magnet on the wheel but it is what it is.

    • Jacob Rushforth Reply

      Zhen Wang you can purchase and install the sensor yourself on the propel. It is called “Ride Sense Sensor” and should be available for purchase at any Giant bicycles dealer or Giant bicycles website for your country

    • Zhen Wang Reply

      thx :)

  9. gnarki111 Reply

    You know the weight?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      Just under 15lbs without the pedals, bottle holders and Seatpack

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      It’s a sized medium

  10. cris d Reply

    +1 for the ISM seat! Love them

  11. Lion Of Paradise Reply

    Very nice bike! Im going to buy the TCR advanced 2 (matt black/red), like the frame colors so much. This one has also nice color combi.

  12. Andrea Forcella Reply

    I’m coming from a Tarmac aswell and looking to buy this bike,how do you compare/like the 2 bikes ? I was looking at the Trek Domane aswell but I’m afraid I may be missing the race bike feeling..

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      Andrea Forcella sorry it took so long to get back to you
      Compared to the tarmac…. it’s awesome. I personally find it more comfortable and fits me better. Faster in all was and flys in the turns. I still have my tarmac and do ride it but my bike of choice for a ride is the TCR.

    • Andrea Forcella Reply

      AC’s Bike reviews thank you,I really appreciate

    • Andrea Forcella Reply

      Also I see you have a Bont rear light. I too have their Flare R but I’ afraid there is no chance to mount it on that seat post with the oem rubber,right ?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      Andrea Forcella I have changed the rear light to a cygolight … much brighter and is rechargeable

  13. 酒井和哉 Reply

    looking,so, nice! good!

  14. martin oli Reply

    DO NOT BUY GIANT BIKES giant bikes are so rubbish do not buy giant bikes i was buy giant tcr advenced 2017 i was done 76 km on it and after them bike been cracks my weight is 74kg ..

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      martin oli sorry to hear you think that. I’m 86kg and have had no issues at all and love everything about the bike.

  15. Fevo Stone Reply

    Beautiful bike mate.

  16. Michael De Koning Reply

    nice bike ^^ do they sale full black too that will be sweet ?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      Michael De Koning they have one with just a hint of blue but you can get almost 3 of what I got for the price

    • Michael De Koning Reply

      Oke thx for the info good luck on the road man

  17. vegan simplicity Reply

    Dream bike! Thanks for the bike porn.

  18. Ryan Mueller Reply

    This bike comes with tubeless tires. Did you remove them and throw on your 4seasons with a tube?

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      Ryan Mueller I use a tube. Never gave the tubeless a chance. I only ride tubeless on my mtb

  19. Matthew Miller Reply

    Hi bud, great review. Just bought one of these and it’s currently getting it built at my local store but have a question. Is the frame clear coated or do any of the decals appear removable? Would like to get it as mat black as possible like the 2016 Pro 0. Thanks in advance.

    • AC's Bike reviews Reply

      Matthew Miller first of all thank you
      And sorry to say none of the decals seem to removable. I too wish it was all Matt black

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