2014 Triumph Tiger 800 Best Kept Secret and F800GS Slayer

Quick as well as fun, this might be the very best all around equipment at an excellent cost. I can't think I have not invested even more time with it … I will now.

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  1. Garry G Reply

    nice bike hope to get one when I can afford it lol

  2. longtrangm1a Reply

    The XC has a 21 inch front tire and spoked rims for added strength and off road ability.

  3. Radioactiveslime Reply

    Hey, with the Tiger you could even go off into some of those hills and do some gentle off-road or dirt road riding. As nice as a Daytona sounds, the Tiger works just fine. Mine does.

  4. shadetree surgeon Reply

    Man… I want one of these so damn bad. Why can’t I have all the bikes?!

  5. R. Powell Reply

    “This motor is fun.” That was my thought exactly when I first got on my Tiger, haha.

  6. KLyle Reply

    I giggled like a little girl for the entire hour I demoed a 800 roadie. I was supposed to be back in 30 minutes! Finally bought my 2013 new Blue Tiger last month. I ride it every day except the wet ones. So much fun! The triple has so much TUDE!

  7. hartsyde Reply

    17 inch back and 19 inch front :-)

  8. Phantom Reply

    Great bike. STUPID VIDEO. 

  9. Ringo Fonebone Reply

    Have you compared the two bikes on the dirt. i.e. off the tarred road? A friend of a friend has one of each. He’s got money apparently!! Apparently he thinks the Tiger is better on the tarred road but the GS is far superior on the rough stuff. I envy his ability to choose. A true comparison would be to test both bikes under the different conditions for which they were designed for. Agree?

    • Cal Moto Reply

      Of coarse.

  10. winterscout79 Reply

    Virtually the same 1/4 mile time vs a f800gs bruh.

    • Cal Moto Reply

      You should ride them, then you’d know.

    • Chris Hart Reply

      +Cal Moto not at the same time obviously

  11. winterscout79 Reply

    I did! And I hear you, it’s a really nice bike! It all comes down to preference. Weight is up top on the triumph thats a tall motor, and it sucks from 1,500-3,600 range but after that it really lights up! However the annoying high pitch zinnnng you get from that plant is hard to deal with. It sounds and drives exactly like a turbine where the GS though not as fast on top end has better throttle response and can pop a wheelie at almost off idle. I know because I own a GSA . The triumph is basically a street bike that’s a little confused cause it sucks off road.

  12. No Degree Reply


  13. FlyBaby Reply

    Buy one version or the other and get a second set of wheels to swap.

  14. psittacid Reply

    Love my Tiger 800xc. I rode it round trip from Austin to Seattle and found some great dirt roads in CO, WY, MT, and WA.  I had a full touring load with Caribou Cases, tent, etc. I think it was a great bike for this kind of trip. It’s not hard to find its limits in the dirt and the GS is certainly better for the rough stuff. However, the Tiger is a totally capable road bike as well – I test rode the GS before I bought the Triumph and there is no comparison in terms of motors. The Triumph is smooth, powerful, and reliable. 

    Rough jeep trail mountain passes

    It’s a good commuter, as well. Bigger than it needs to be.  But I have had a blast commuting and fireroading lately on a modified Suzuki DR650, lighter, torquey and just plain fun without being particularly good at anything. Go figure. 

    • Mark Lee Reply

      +psittacid Small bike wisdom. Always there when hitting the dirt

  15. Michael Phillips Reply

    I have the 15 XRx. It is the best, most fun bike I have ever owned.  I have ridden for over 40 years.

  16. David Ellis Reply

    What is this clip all about ? so can you show people how fast you can ride a bike, its not rocket science.  No information about how the bikes rides, switch gear how it works, suspension soft or hard, comfort of the seat etc. also that bike has 19″ front wheel and 17″ back wheel.  totally crap

    • modsurgeon Reply

      +David Ellis You give me too much credit. You don’t need any help with being made to look bad.

    • Cal Moto Reply

      +modsurgeon Dave’s always the life of the party:)

    • modsurgeon Reply

      +Cal Moto Forgive my disbelief. Dude can barely even speak in his mother tongue.

      Where was that ride? It looks as dry as Down here in the SoCal foothils, but I get the feeling that it’s up North somewhere, maybe because of the lack of traffic.

    • Cal Moto Reply

      +modsurgeon You’re on it:)….East Bay Area. Mount Diablo foothills.

  17. Steven King Reply

    First up. I own a ’13 BMW f800gs but only after I’ve ridden a ’13 XC Tiger more times than I can count.
    Realistic comparative notes:
    BMW shits all over the Tiger with ANY form of off road work, reason? better torqued off road intended engine, better/longer and adjustable (rear) suspension, better wheels, better brakes, better factory delivered tyres, betters ABS, lower centre of gravity, better controlability/agility and a considerably better submersible depth. (poor Tiger hates river crossings)
    On road the BMW is a capable machine. It’s delivers a nice ride but definitely NOT a plush ride.
    The Tiger, plush sweet revving 3 cyl engine with a smooth easy shifting gearbox… perfect for cruising the streets at a speed of your choosing. It provides comfortable highway speeds with a definite relaxed feel. Did I mention comfortable? It is a pleasure to ride on the hardtop BUT…take the Tiger down a technical fire track and you can tell it’s not on even grounds. While capable it just doesn’t feel confident and at times even sloppy around some of the fast corners with an undeniable sense of instability.
    End summary…I fail to see how this is an F800gs “SLAYER” based on a few squirts around sealed dry country roads….. though that said at least your soy latte won’t spill on the way home from the car wash.

    • Mark Lee Reply

      +bounceferret All well known advantages of the f800gs over the Tiger 800. what about a comparison with the XC?

    • Jack B Reply

      +bounceferret A KTM 690 enduro absolutly crushes the BMW f800gs no question. Better/longer suspension, lighter, better engine for off road work, better factory tires, better wheels. Triumph is better on the street and the KTM is better off road. The BMW is in between the two, so it all depends what you are looking for.

    • Steven King Reply

      +Jack B
      Agreed! 100% the 690 is an absolute beast, no exceptions. I wouldn’t to want to tour on it but off road it craps over the f800 in every respect.
      My comments were in regards to the Tiger being an f800gs ‘slayer’.

  18. Davyboy Colon Reply

    Just bought a leftover 2014 tiger and its a really nice bike

    • Davyboy Colon Reply

      yup watching you ride that bike was enough for me to road test and ultimately buy it .. I enjoy watching your reviews , keep it up

    • County Jelly Reply

      +Cal Moto you spend so much time in the death zone in corners, it made this video difficult to watch

    • Cal Moto Reply

      +Charles Jeynes I’m better rider now:)

    • County Jelly Reply

      +Cal Moto good to hear, it was a genuine concern for your safety, keep up the videos and ride safe

    • Cal Moto Reply

      +Charles Jeynes Cheers!

  19. Rob Mullins Reply

    Just bought a 16 800Xcx. This “new” update(2015) addresses some of the off-road issues of the previous version while somehow improving an already near perfect “on” road ride. While it still rides high and the bars are still too low to properly stand, the suspension is now way better and the bike is very stable on the roughest, muddiest, sandiest of Fire roads. While I still won’t single track with it(got a Suzuki DR for that), it stands as possibly the best adventure bike compromise on the market-and that includes the heavy KTMs and BMWs. It’s comfortable, fun, and strong enough for the gear and pillion. Darn near perfect bike!

    • Anthony Cook Reply

      +Rob Mullins Thanks Rob, I just got back from a 2000km ride on country highways, with just a little bit (30-40kms) of gravel roads, on my TDM 900. It goes pretty well on the bitumen but a bit unsteady on gravel.
      I thought the XCx might be good to trade up to for the next trip. I’d like to feel free to do more dirt road riding without having to worry about tipping it over.
      The only reservation I have is the XCx might not be as well-suited to going fast on the motorway, 100 – 110mph, if it’s geared more for off-road.
      Do you have any comment on that? How do you find it doing 100+ on the motorway? (160+ kph)

  20. Mike McLeod Reply

    I’ve never had another bike more than 18 months. Bought my Tiger 800 new in 2013 and I love it so much! Absolute dream of a bike. No plans to sell her. She punches so far above her weight and although she is a bit down on power, I never fail to keep up with mates on “faster bikes”. I run Michelin PR4Trails, which are more suited to the road.
    Plus I can ride all day and still be comfortable.

    The only thing the I didn’t like was the stock screen – absolute POS. I fitted a Madstad screen two or three years back and it makes all the difference. Zero buffeting from the wind.

    Plus I liked your video :) Thanks mate.

    • Cal Moto Reply

      Thank you for the support! You’re certainly right about the Tiger.

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