1000km a Day | Triumph Tiger | Bonneville T100

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60 Responses to “1000km a Day | Triumph Tiger | Bonneville T100”

  1. Vishal Jaiswal Reply

    Nikhil you’re a beast. 1000 km per day. WOW
    Keep Riding, keep Inspiring buddy.

    • Hullabaloo Reply

      1000 km per day is not that much man…..I have ridden 1200 km a day……but after that back gets fucked up

  2. A SS Reply

    Nikhil Sir I hv bought a RE Classic 350 2 months ago….It’s my second bike previously I hd a HH Passion Pro…. Sir the classic 350 has a good exhaust and it’s sound bt sir can u tell me how to increase the exhaust sound of my bike to make the iconic DUG DUG sound a bit louder @MumbikerNikhil

    • Nikhil Lahare Reply

      Megaphone will give u d dug dug dug feel

    • Atta Hussain razvi Reply

      bhai put indore short bottle.u will love it

    • aryan ambastha Reply

      Simple! Just do a Muffler Deletion.

    • Anurag .P Reply

      I am using Wildboar from shaqeel silencer.search for torque exhaust

    • Anything & Everything Reply

      Muh se awaz nikal lia kar jab bhi bike on kare… Dug dug dug dug

  3. Utkarsh Chandra Reply

    Don’t you feel scared while riding in midnight ?? especially when their’s no traffic on the road for a moment :o


      utkarsh chandra NH44 …. somewhere in the outskirts of Hyderabad to the city centre. … around 40km….and the worst part was that there was very less light sources in my way!!!…full tooo band baj gayi!!!

    • Prashant A Reply

      Nikhil has i guess a lot of experience of midnight riding, i mean you can checkout his previous rides or if you have already watched then you might know. I think he loves to ride in midnight. :D

    • Mumbiker Nikhil Reply

      little scared

    • Archit Garg Reply


  4. Prathamesh DHURI VLOGS Reply

    nic video #MUMBIKER NIKHIL SIR and all the best for your ride ahead . plz rply me

  5. Ice Belly Reply

    please do video with your family

    • General Knowledge Reply

      Indians you see they want to know unnecessary things and lose their focus from the required things

    • Ice Belly Reply

      arrey man it’s our choice and right for our point of view

    • Gaurang Naik Reply

      Ice Belly how is it your right to tell him what to do??

    • Gaurang Naik Reply

      harshith naik lol man don’t talk senseless. kuch bhi mat bol.

    • harshith naik Reply

      +Gaurang Naik ok bro please subscribe to my channel HARSHITHK NAIK

  6. 675 Reply

    8 lakh ki bullet

    • Anything & Everything Reply

      675 and without any bullet’s legendary problems

  7. Chinmay Parab Reply

    uss ladki ne comment kiya hai ya nahi jo 2hrs ruki thi??

    • Palash Nandi Reply

      kiya hai to nikhil bhai pinned kar do

  8. SpawnNightking Reply

    Prajesh Bhai Sharma rahe hai


    Bhai we all love you so much for what you do… Let this be the year when all records will be broken… Waiting for the masti… It was my pleasure and a dream come true to meet you and spend time… #mumbiker_nikhilian for life!!!

  10. Drg Sh Reply

    MSK > MN.

    • Shiben Chakravorty Reply

      who is MSK?

    • Faizan Ansari Reply

      Shiben Chakravorty Mohd Salim khan MSN blog check his YouTube channel

    • Ritish Gupta Reply

      Bhag bc

    • Nayan Nath Reply

      Drg Sh Never compare legends:-P

    • Vivek Jaipal Reply

      Msk is inspired by Nikhil

  11. Trisha Patil Reply

    ladki ne reply kiya

    • amit chauhan Reply

      Rajat Rajwar mein bhi bacha hu

    • The Duker Reply

      Bhai Youtube he Tinder nahi :P

    • Nidhi Nidi Reply

      Trisha Patil ayavo ladki

    • Archit Garg Reply

      creeps creeps everywhere creeps creeps everywhere….!

  12. vishal pinto Reply

    good vedio
    we can understand ur hard work its come out good
    and also its my birthday .
    plz like

  13. Enfield Rider Reply

    15:56 Prajesh bhai……

  14. Shah Patel Reply

    *Anyone who has bajaj discover 125, plz give honest review about the bike*

    • Raj Keni Reply

      Shah Patel hii im having bajaj dicover 125st bike is good for daily use but if ur expecting more pickup it ll never fulfill ur requirements but the milege is awesome i mean i get 55km/ltr and on highway it goes upto 60km

    • Shah Patel Reply

      Raj Keni
      now Bajaj stop selling 125st
      what about 125m or 5 gear discover model(old look) ?
      btw I need bike for regular office to home use only

    • Raj Keni Reply

      no dont go for it, i think u should go for pulsar 150 its an awesome bike

    • Deepranjan Ghosh Reply

      Don’t go for bajaj. The life of bajaj bikes are very bad. If you want 125 cc bike go for Honda Shine sp, Yamaha SS 125 ,Stunner or Ignator

    • Shishir Dixit Reply

      Shah Patel vikrant

  15. MIRROR IMAGE Reply

    u don’t eat anything n ride 1000 km.huge respect bro.take care

  16. Shannon Rego Reply

    I swear best day ever thanks for the meetup

    • Dhananjay Joshi Reply

      r u that girl?

    • General Knowledge Reply

      Bhai if she is then what and if she isnt then too what

    • Shannon Rego Reply

      Dhananjay Joshi wtf Iam a boy stupid

    • Shannon Rego Reply

      Dhananjay Joshi and she is my sister mind it

    • Kingmanification Reply

      well this escalated quickly hahaha

  17. Kavin Gokul Reply

    I did this route on cycle.. and it took me 7days… lol

    • Archit Garg Reply

      kya karte huey jaa raha tha 7 raatei? red light district tour pe tha kya?

  18. Sumeet Rox Reply

    Did you feel any kind of discomfort while riding T100? As it’s not a tourer…any back pain or anything like that???

    • Kushalrocks1001 Reply

      ruzinvincible911 agree :P

    • General Knowledge Reply

      +BB KI Vines Something original please

    • BB KI Vines Reply

      Ganesh Kartik .

    • Swwapnil Joshi Reply

      Duplicate BB

  19. HardIndian Reply

    Nikhil… pls avoid passing between two trucks…..

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